"Hawaii's Right to Know"

Join the Movement to Label GMO

Take Action

There are many ways in which you can support labeling legislation.


Sign Up as a Supporter.  Join our mailing list to receive information about upcoming events and to let us know how you can help. A mass movement is made up of willing individuals, and there are so many ways to support this one: from inviting your friends to join us, hosting a house party, spreading the word at work, school or church, making phone calls, sending emails and much more.


Donate. Polls show up to 90% of Americans agree that we have the right to know what we eat. The very same big companies fighting this grassroots measure already provide labels in other countries showing when foods contain Genetically Modified Organisms. All European countries, Japan and even China and India label GMO foods. We deserve the right to know what we eat too! Give what you can today to support this grassroots effort.


Participate. Your voice matters, so please share your concerns with your local and State representatives. Whether you write a letter, pick up the phone or testify in person, let our leaders know that food safety and health are top priorities for Hawaii’s people.


Vote with your $. The food industry ultimately answers to one authority: the open marketplace. Although it may seem like you can’t change something as powerful and deeply entrenched in our economy as the industrial food system, it is actually the combined spending of millions of people just like you that dictate how companies produce our foods. Click this link for some educational resources on how to vote with your dollar, three times a day.