"Hawaii's Right to Know"

Join the Movement to Label GMO


Civic participation is the backbone of a healthy democratic society. If we don’t exercise our voice on issues relevant to the public good, we can’t blame our leaders for not acting in the public interest.


Take a moment to voice your opinion on GMO Labeling. You can use the following text as a starting point for a letter to your local and state representatives. For a list of your legislators and contact information, visit the State Capitol website.


(Sample letter text)


Dear Sir/Madam:


I am writing to voice my support for labeling legislation in Hawaii and urge our local leaders to take action on this important issue for our community’s health. I have a right to know about the food I eat and what I feed my family.

In the U.S., we pride ourselves on having choices and making informed decisions. Under current FDA regulations, we don’t have that choice when it comes to GE ingredients in the foods we purchase and feed our families. Labeling is essential for me to choose whether or not I want to consume or feed my family genetically engineered foods.

Genetically engineered foods are required to be labeled in the 15 European Union nations, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries around the world. As an American, I firmly believe I should also have the right to know if my foods have been genetically engineered.

A recent poll released by ABC News found that 93 percent of the American public wants the federal government to require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. As ABC News stated, “Such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare.”

I hope you will listen to me and the other 93 percent of the American public who want mandatory labeling. Please show your support for the interests of the American people by labeling genetically engineered foods.