"Hawaii's Right to Know"

Join the Movement to Label GMO

Vote With Your $


The food industry ultimately answers to one authority: the free marketplace. Although it may seem like you can’t do anything to change something as powerful and deeply entrenched in our economy as the industrial food system, it is actually the combined spending of millions of people just like you that dictate how companies produce our foods. Below are some educational resources to vote with your dollar.


You can download a True Food Shopper’s Guide compiled by the Center for Food Safety to help you choose the products that are GMO-free. Remember, you have the opportunity to make a political and economic impact 3 times a day.


Click here to view a list of well-known supermarkets and their known products and positions on GE/GMO foods.


Call, fax or write your local supermarket manager or CEO and demand that they rid their store brands of GE ingredients just as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and European supermarkets have already done.


• Join the National Supermarket Campaign at: www.truefoodnow.org


• Start your own local group to flyer at your local supermarket. Download the Supermarket Activist Kit at www.truefoodnow.org for help on getting started and ideas on what you can do